Walked right in and was served immediately. Great service, friendly folks.
— Ed P.
I had algae problems because of a bad pool service. (see my other review). I walked right in and they tested my water for free. Mark who helped me spent 20 minutes understanding the problem and explaining exactly what to do - I buy my chemicals there - if I decide to go back to a pool service, I will use these guys - I did ask for a quote and they are comparable in prices to others.
— Oliver B.
We bought an old house with an old pool about 6 years ago. The pool was just NASTY when we moved in, we could not even see through the surface of the water. we stopped in at Don Johnsons, That's who had installed the pump system according to the stickers on the filter, and they had the pool running and swimmable in a VERY short time! Since then we have used them religiously. They are always very friendly and happy to help you with any problem that you may have, I have had a lot of them. I would recommend them to everybody with a pool or spa.
— Chris S.
awesome business and customer service. very friendly staff and easy to work with. Highly recommended.
— Christine F.
These folks have been servicing my pool in Corte Madera for many years. They are great. Service is top notch and the pool is always super clean and ready to go. Hats off to BOBBY who is terrific. Highly recommend these guys for pool service in Marin.
— Jordan S.
Great service! Helped us with an abnormal spa filter and when they didn't have it, pointed us in the direction of how to get it. Very friendly!!
— Kara G.
Our central-Marin pool has salt-water chemistry and was rebuilt in 2012. Our previous service lost control of the balance and calcium crystals appeared all over the interior surface (looked like white sand adhering to the dark blue gunite). Although they made a good effort to remediate the damage, it was time to pick a new service.
Don Johnson's (DJPS) was competitive on fees and they have been absolutely reliable and keep everything just the way they should.
May 2015 Update:
new problems (NOT the fault of DJPS) have arisen and we have had to arrange for service and repairs to our equipment. Although the repairs are not yet complete, we have already seen that John has an excellent understanding of what exactly needs to be done.
We should be back to enjoying our aquatic amenity (-: very soon.
— David K.